Coffee Set "Cobalt Grid" on the shape Julia for 6 Persons

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Coffee Set "Cobalt Grid" Form Julia, 6 Persons 15 Pieces

Porcelain products of The Imperial Porcelain Factory will present an exquisite dinner in the company of invited relatives, colleagues, friends, an aesthetically decorated table with rare exclusive porcelain will create a special atmosphere of comfort and abundance.

The Imperial Porcelain Factory, founded in 1744 in St. Petersburg by order of the daughter of Peter the Great, Empress Elizabeth, became the first porcelain factory in Russia and the third in Europe. It was here that the talented Russian scientist D.I.Vinogradov (1720–1758) discovered the secret of making "white gold", which was one of the best in quality.

Painting of the Coffee Set "Cobalt Grid" made in the technique of underglaze painting with cobalt paints, followed by manual finishing with a gold-containing preparation. Along the body of all objects, along the side of the saucers and on the lids from the sugar bowl and the coffee pot, there is a continuous filling of a net cobalt frieze and along it a frieze of small golden "bugs". With a brush, layers were manually applied with a gold-containing preparation along the upper edge of the drawing, along the edge and along the leg of objects, of the saucer, as well as on the spout of the coffee pot and on the lid holders.

It is possible to order each element of the set separately.


  • Material: bone porcelain
  • Product type: coffee set
  • The form: Julia
  • Form author: Sorokin M.A.
  • Type of drawing: Cobalt Grid
  • Author of the picture: Yatskevich A.A.
  • Weight, g: 2130
  • Number of items: 15
  • Number of persons: 6
  • Type of painting: decal with hand-painted elements

Set includes


Pieces included

Height, mm 

Length, mm 

 Width, mm 

 Capacity, ml 

Coffee pot shape Julia 1 210 186 94 690
Sugar bowl shape Julia 1
105 96 96 310
Coffee cup shape Julia 6
68 94 75 145
Coffee saucer shape Julia 6
19 150 150 -
Creamer shape Julia 1 90 104 71 120

How to care:

- it is better to use a liquid detergent than powder or tablets;

- set the machine temperature from 55 to 60 С;

- after drying, let the porcelain dishes cool down to room temperature, as the metal coating softens when heated;

- to restore shine, you can wipe the expensive porcelain with a dry soft cloth. Whenever you have washed expensive porcelain, it must be rubbed gently until it shines, until the drops of water dry and leave marks on the porcelain;

- it is better to wash especially valuable porcelain items as rarely as possible, and if you really have to - then in a small basin, spreading a towel on the bottom and not lifting the items high above the basin.


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